Senator Sheldon proposes a law to help farmers

Bill would allow farmers to use exempt vehicles on roads around the farm

OLYMPIA…Sen. Tim Sheldon is the prime sponsor of Senate Bill 5616, which removes the fifteen mile restriction from previous legislation granting farmers the ability to drive their equipment on main roads.“When we passed legislation last year, we implemented a limitation of 15 miles,” Sheldon, D-Potlatch said. “What we quickly discovered was most farmers operate multiple lots with only one or two pieces of equipment. This is an example of the unintended consequences our Majority Coalition Caucus will work on reversing.”

The bill allows farmers to use exempt vehicles incidentally on public highways in the vicinity of the farm, so long as it is principally used to travel between farms to engage in activities supporting agricultural operations.

Sen. Tim Sheldon's first day as President Pro Tem.

“Farmers would still have to get a permit to ensure their vehicles are safe,” Sheldon said. “This way we meet public safety requirements without driving up the cost of production. Farmers get a break and our roads are safer.”