Sen Sheldon on the Lars Larson show: Seattle tolling plan a threat to the entire state

Do we want a society in which only the rich can afford to drive? That’s where Washington state is heading, under Seattle’s new plan to toll downtown streets, says state Sen. Tim Sheldon, D-Potlatch.

In this appearance on the Lars Larson show Jan. 8, Sheldon describes his bill to prohibit tolling schemes like the one emerging right now in Seattle. City government has allocated $1.2 million to study “congestion pricing” on downtown Seattle streets — a euphemism for high tolls to discourage all but the wealthiest from driving.

In this radio appearance, Sheldon observes that everyone today pays the same taxes for roads, sits through the same traffic jams and enjoys equal freedom of mobility. But if cities like Seattle are allowed to charge for the “privilege” of driving, that’s all going to end. Among the hardest-hit will be the working poor, suburban commuters and residents of rural districts like those of Sheldon’s 35th.

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