Senate capital budget provides funding for Shelton shelter, Skokomish water

Senate approves bill; House to follow with own proposal

OLYMPIA – A capital budget plan approved by the Senate Wednesday provides funding for the Turning Pointe Survivor Advocacy Center in Shelton and water-system improvements on the Skokomish reservation.

Senate Bill 5651 was approved by the Senate 49-0 and now moves on to the House for further consideration.

Sen. Tim Sheldon, D-Potlatch, noted that this year’s proposal for public-works spending supplements the two-year 2021-23 capital budget approved last year. Ordinarily the allocations in supplemental years are small, but this year each senator was allowed to request $300,000 in local projects.

“It’s a slim budget this year, but it’s actually more than we usually get in a supplemental budget,” Sheldon said. “I’m especially glad we were able to get the Turning Pointe appropriation through this year. I’ve been a big supporter over the years, and state assistance for HVAC upgrades should save considerably on energy costs.”

The budget provides $250,000 for improvements to the shelter’s heating/ventilation/air conditioning system.

Another $50,000 would go toward the Skokomish Nation’s Water Line Extension project, providing a 1.7-mile connection between the core reservation area and a nearby underutilized water well system. Total project cost is $1.2 million, with additional state and federal funding contemplated.

Also funded in the Senate proposal is a $1.2 million interim mental health building at the Washington Corrections Center in Shelton.