Sheldon brings varied experience to Senate Environment Committee

OLYMPIA Sen. Tim Sheldon, D-Potlach, was appointed today to serve on the Senate Environment Committee, bringing with him a host of knowledge of how environmental concerns play out in the 35th Legislative District and in similar communities across the state.

“Environment is a critical issue in my district, and with so many natural resource industries here like timber and shellfish, there’s a great awareness for protection of our ecosystems,” Sheldon said. “As a shellfish farmer and timberland owner, our family has been involved for many years in natural resource issues and how they correlate to the environment.”

Sheldon additionally noted that his work when he was chair of the former Senate Economic Development & Energy Committee often focused on the ways energy issues intersected with environmental protections. His experience has been further broadened through the issues he deals with regularly as a Mason County Commissioner, Senate Transportation Committee member, and Energy Northwest Executive Board Member.

“Environment, energy and transportation concerns intersect and overlap constantly, which provides for a valuable understanding of how what we do in one area impacts another,” Sheldon said. “At the same time, as a county commissioner, I get to see how the policies we choose in the Legislature impact our county and our ability to protect and create sustainable local jobs. I find this very helpful when it comes to weighing which policies make the most sense for all concerned.”