Sheldon: “I-1183 fulfills longtime goal.”

The passage of Initiative 1183 on Tuesday will bring the state in line with the majority of other states, install a sounder process for selling liquor in Washington and fulfill the longtime goal of a Washington senator. 35th District Senator Tim Sheldon has been battling to get Washington state out of the business of selling liquor since 1998. This week’s passage of Initiative 1183 does just that and Sheldon couldn’t be happier,

Sen Sheldon: “I’ve always thought that it makes no sense for the state to sell liquor and I credit the initiative organizers for getting the state out of the liquor business.”

Sheldon says the passage of I-1183 will also mean a guarantee of the sharing of liquor sale license revenues with the counties of Washington, erasing the fear of budget cuts in liquor revenues which could have cost counties hundreds of thousands of dollars…

Sen. Sheldon: “The initiative that is now passed ensures the sharing of those revenues with the cities and counties and they’re guaranteed for distribution so the governor and the legislature will have to come up with other options to find cost savings.”

The initiative will go into effect in January and Sheldon predicts that the initiative’s passage will lead to similar efforts in the handful of remaining states where the public sector is still involved in the sale of liquor.